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Financial consulting that suit your needs.

Tax Preparation

We prepare federal and state annual income tax returns.  This includes both individual tax returns and small business tax returns for Partnerships and S-Corps.


A mistake on your taxes could mean you paid the IRS more than you actually owe, or you forgot to include some income or deductions when you originally filed your return.  We can check your taxes and help you file an amended return to correct any errors.

Tax Problems & Resolutions

We understand how stressful these situations may be and we are here to help by providing solutions to assist with balances owed or getting you caught up by preparing prior year returns.

 IRS/State Notices

We are to here to offer assistance with reviewing notices and formulating responses for communication with both the IRS and state taxing authorities.

Audit Assistance 

We can assist with understanding what the IRS and state taxing authorities want and help you compile the correct documents to comply with their request.


We can represent you in communication with the both the IRS and states to provide information and assist with resolving issues.

Tax Planning

Proper tax planning makes it easier to build your personal finances and afford the things you want. Additionally, by anticipating taxes when you create your financial plan, it's possible to significantly boost how much money you will have in retirement. We can review your situation and suggest money saving strategies. 

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